People like white teeth, and a bright white beautiful smile is important in today’s society. It can improve your self confidence and boost your self esteem.

Patients natural tooth colour is so diverse. Environmental factors like food, drinks, smoking as well as the aging process, can alter the colour of our teeth.

Research has shown that most over the counter bleaching products don’t provide the result required. A full dental check-up before beginning the bleaching treatment is very important to detect possible problems due to gum conditions, tooth wear and possible areas of recession that may cause sensitivity. If during treatment sensitivity does occur, the use of Tooth Mousse and other products designed to reduce sensitivity can be used.

Home Bleaching

Dental impressions are taken to make small trays that cover just the teeth. These trays hold the bleaching gel. The bleaching trays are worn for one hour per day, and usually for 10 days. The colour of the teeth will gradually change. The trays can be kept for future use.